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We know how important it is for you to have a comfortable and cozy home, so our company offers high-quality flooring for any room. Our advantage lies in that we have taken the idea of ​​flooring to a completely different level. We treat each order as a unique type of art, so you will be satisfied with the result. All of our materials are strong, durable, and affordable.

Our experts will help you calculate all the necessary parameters and display the total amount of the order so that you can navigate the financial aspect of the purchase. We use an individual approach for each client to find the most suitable flooring solution for you. Our range of services includes:

  • Wood floor sanding, finishing.
  • Floor repair.
  • Hardwood installation.
  • Hardwood refinishing.
  • Wood floors restoration.

Product quality, pre-sales advice, fast delivery, and many other details of the purchase, we try to make these processes better and more comfortable for the buyer. In the product catalog of our website, you will find carpet, stone, hardwood, vinyl, tile, and laminate flooring.

There are no impossible tasks for us

Stil Flooring Deluxe is happy to share the grateful feedback of satisfied customers and looks forward to providing them with all its services again. Our team appreciates each client, so we do our work quickly and efficiently. We respect your home, so we carry out installation and repair operations as carefully as possible.

Among the modern assortment, you can find cheap and expensive materials, artificial and natural, rolled, tiled and piece, hard and soft. And we give you such a choice. The best types of flooring are available for every budget. We try to build trusting relationships with our clients because we understand that flooring is the basis of the future interior and one of its most significant components.

Any complexity is a challenge for professionals

View our portfolio to appreciate the high quality of our work. We make homes warmer and more beautiful so your family can enjoy impeccable design for a long time. We can already boast of more than 100 completed works.

The convenient structure of our catalog will allow you to choose the best option for any buyer, focusing not only on visual sympathy but also on the flooring manufacturer, the type of application (domestic, commercial), and wear resistance.

Contact our experts for a detailed consultation. We are also glad to see you in person at our Mayfield Heights, OH office. Or write to us on social networks.

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