Wood floor restoration

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No matter how high-quality the wood of the floorboards is, it will become unusable over time. It is worth considering restoring floors in advance to avoid costly flooring replacement.

Thanks to the restoration of wooden floors, they can regain their attractive look quickly. Moreover, the floor color can be changed according to the client’s wish. Such work costs are much lower, and it is performed much faster.

What is Floor Restoration?

Restoration of a wooden floor is a procedure that must be performed at regular intervals. Since natural wood loses its properties over time, timely processing improves its quality and external look. STI flooring deluxe masters can bring your wood flooring to its best.

Before restoring the flooring, specialists examine the board’s condition. They consider the type of wood, and the structure of the planks. If there are no severe damage on the the wooden floor, experts grind it with machines to eliminate scuffs and minor scratches. In case of large chips, or traces of decay, our specialists performes local, or total repairs.
Usually they include:

  • replacing damaged lamellas with new boards;
  • elimination of chips, delaminations, and cracks;
  • carrying out rough and finish scraping with a scraping tool;
  • finishing grinding to smooth minor flaws and the surface;
  • covering the boards with varnish.

What Does the Cost of Hardwood Floor Restoration Depend on?

STI flooring deluxe has been successfully repairing and restoring floor coverings for a long time. The repair work price depends on the room’s area, the coating type, and the restoration’s complexity. The plot areas can also affect the cost – thresholds, radiators, or baseboards.

We employ real professionals. We use high-quality equipment in our work.
Each client of our company receives:

  • fast completion of assigned tasks;
  • high quality of work;
  • affordable cost of services;
  • professional approach to work;
  • consultations on any issues.

You can see the quality of our work by ordering a service from us. You can contact the head office at Mayfield hts Oh 44124. Calling a master technologist to the site is free of charge. After assessing the location of the upcoming work, he will announce the final price. For additional questions, please contact us by phone ous r on the website through a special form.


How can I make my wood floors look new again?

The best way is to hire our flooring company in Cleveland, Ohio, because we have local and full restoration of any type of wood floors. We will examine the condition of your floor covering to offer you the best and most affordable repair from an experienced team.

Is it worth restoring hardwood floors?

Yes, restoring must be done promptly because any wood coating loses its properties over time. STI flooring deluxe is a reliable contractor to fix the following problems: minor scratches, rot marks, delaminations, chips, cracks, etc.

How can I restore my wood floor?

If you don’t have the special tools and knowledge in wood flooring repairing, then we advise you to contact our professional masters in Cleveland. It ensures that you get the best quality and significantly extends the life of your floor.

Is it cheaper to restore or replace hardwood floors?

Repair is much cheaper than a complete floor replacement. But the choice of procedure depends on the type of damage. For example simple scratches are removed with a grinder. Our experts will carefully study the scope of work and offer you the best services for cheap repair.

Can you restore wood floors without sanding?

Our experts will tell you that without floor sanding, it is impossible to restore the original appearance of wooden floors, except to replace them with new ones. But we use an individual approach to each client by examining their flooring and creating an exact work plan.
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